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Condensation Under Trunk Lid 200 1983

I live in the Pacific Northwest in a somewhat rural location. I am not able to garage my cars like I did when I lived in the city a decade ago.

I have only now started to notice that on my 1983 242, in cold weather, I am regularly seeing condensation form on the underside of my trunk lid. I have checked many times and it is not like it is wet anywhere inside the trunk. The side walls of the trunk, the floor and mat, etc are all seemingly dry to the touch and eye. Yet the condensation seems to imply that water is there there somewhere, somehow. And when the lid metal gets cold I guess that warmer (and it seems more moist) air from below is rising and condensing when it hits the cold metal of the lid.

I have checked and this is NOT happening with the wife's 1980 244. And I don't think her trunk lid seals as well as mine does. Almost as if the metal was tweaked once somehow. I don't know, maybe with a less good seal the moist air escapes that way? Seems a reach to me.

Can anyone explain what is going on here or suggest what to do about it? When I open the trunk and see it, I try to wipe down the interior surface of the lid. But that does not seem to reduce the condensation any the next time (not that I really thought it would).



New Condensation Under Trunk Lid [200][1983]
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