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Gas tank removal: Human vs. Undercoating 1800

Hi everybody, I posted last week about my 1800 losing power when the tank was half-full. I was hoping it was just the primary filter. After a lot of swearing, I managed to get the brass plug out of the bottom of the tank. It was stuck in their very good and there was no Teflon tape, and a few other mechanics had tried to get it out with a 3/8 bit, so it didn’t want to go without a fight. It turns out there wasn’t a primary filter in there at all, and the problem was the pick up tube.

I was hoping this wasn’t the case, because the gas tank appears to be glued in from the top with plumbers putty or something like it, and there is a ton of old undercoating on the bottom. I’m guessing the tank is going to have to come out so that I can get the pick up tube replaced. Do any of you have experience getting a gas tank out that appears to be glued in?


New Gas tank removal: Human vs. Undercoating [1800]
posted by  fran krause  on Sun Dec 2 19:05 CST 2018 >

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