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1994 940T's Engine as Donor for 1988 240 N/A? 200 1994

I'm looking at a good deal for a stock and for a rebuilt engine from 1994 940Ts (944T and 945T, but I'm unsure which has a rebuilt engine). Both have automatic transmissions. Pics of the outside, albeit only of the front, show straight bodies. I don't have a lot of details at the time, but both are in 940Ts that reportedly run, and look like lien sales from an auto mechanic.

Is there a mileage cutoff for these engines?

I'm not sure what type of 4 cylinder engine (B230F?) it comes with. Importantly, can I convert them into N/A engines and put them in my 1988 240 N/A (300k miles with AW-70 transmission)?

I'm not a fan of turbos, but if the 940s are in good condition, are they keepers or money-pits?



New 1994 940T's Engine as Donor for 1988 240 N/A? [200][1994]
posted by  1908242DLa  on Thu Nov 29 19:48 CST 2018 >

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