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Defroster Vacuum Line 200 1989

For months now, my defroster vents on my ’89 Silver 244 (320k miles) were not working. It’s been frustrating and dangerous since I’ve had times where the inside moisture was obstructing my front view. So, I read a bunch of the Brickboard discussions of the cause and potential solutions. They all seemed to involve a lot of work to remove various things like instrument panel, glove compartment, side panels. In any event, one thing that stood out was the possibility that the vacuum was not getting to the push-button control unit.

So, today I opened the hood and saw that the thin rubber pipe leading to the vacuum nozzle on top of the engine was completely split. I was then able to re-connect it using some odds & end rubber pieces. Lo and behold the defroster was working perfectly. See photo of repaired line below…

-Cool Volvo- 1989 240 5 Spd w/ 310K, 1989 240 5 Spd w/ 231k. Past proud owner of 1966 122, 1968 144, 1970 145, 1972 144, 1980 245, 1982 240 4 Spd OD


New Defroster Vacuum Line [200][1989]
posted by  CoolVolvo  on Tue Nov 27 16:17 CST 2018 >

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