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1993 240 Wagon Tailgate/Hatch Seal/Gasket 200

My recently replaced new rubber tailgate seal/gasket froze to the car this morning and a few small layers of the upper corners pulled apart when I opened the gate. The seal also pulled out of it's anchored position in the channel at those same points.

I felt the resistance but mistakenly thought that frozen snow on the roof was causing the bind. Had I thought this through for a moment I could have squirted some rubbing alcohol into the gap between the hatch and the body to thaw things out a bit before pulling the gate up.

Well, damage done, I reinstalled the portions of the seal which pulled out and now am sharing my experience as well as seeking answers to a few questions about tailgate seals. I know that someone with their own experience on this subject is out there and can offer up some comments and advice. For example, has anyone found any tool(s) helpful to install the seal in addition to a bone tool?

And, does anyone know what is the preferred gap between the upper tailgate and the body? I replaced the tailgate hinges and wire harnesses a few years ago and am wondering if I need to readjust the gate. The gap at the upper portion of my closed gate is between 6.5 and 7mm. Peering into the gap at the top of the gate the seal appears to be sufficiently compressed but perhaps not close enough. I could not find much intel on Volvo 240 tailgates out there so this might turn out to be a helpful discussion to get started. I provided a few more details below to give a complete picture in case there is a better way to do this.

I replaced the rubber tailgate seal with a new one (Genuine Volvo #1372058)
this past summer. I did not remove the gate. It was necessary to disconnect the rear window washer hose to install the seal/gasket which comes in one whole uninterrupted piece.

The install/attachment side of the gasket is shaped like a "T" and fits into a metal channel which surrounds the inside tailgate except for a small section at the bottom center where the latch catch is located. The seal has a "v" notched in which is at the bottom and when centered represents the starting point for the install.

Lined up, I began the install by placing one edge of the "T" shape into the channel then worked the other end into the channel with a bone tool. I used a light coat of vaseline to lubricate where needed. The upper corners and section across the top of the gate was the most difficult for me to get the seal seated and poked into the channel correctly mostly because one is working in a tight spot upside down. There are likely more practical ways out there to accomplish this. I suppose if I had removed the gate I might have had better access.

When my install was done, it appeared that the seal was anchored, aligned and tight. I could not have anticipated that the seal would freeze up and pull apart so easily like it did this morning. I wonder if this is even is a common problem given the overall excellent practical design of the 240. Therefore if you have had a similar experience with an install, adjustment or any suggestions on Volvo 240 tailgates please advise. Thank you all kindly in advance.

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