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244DL speedometer cable 200 1984

Hello, i am a pretty new to Volvo, in fact,thats my first one. I'm still not sure if that was the right decision, but i plan to keep it and use it as my summer car.

First the specs.

Year: 1984
VW D24 Diesel, 4 Speed Manual with OD, M46 afaik.

Well, thought after i bought the car i do something good and replace two bulbs which are not working (Top right corner light) and OD light is always dark. Well during so, i snapped the speedometer cable from the the instrument cluster (yea, stupid, i know). Later i figured i have to loose the cable from two mounts inside the engine compartment to get it loose, and i've read that people unplug it by removing the carpet under the steering wheel.

So, a few questions.

I know how to pull the instrument cluster (remove left and right side panels, and 4 screws).
But what if i want to pull the whole thing out of the car for pictures sake? Do i have to remove the whole steering wheel or is it enough to remove the top cover-panel behind the wheel?(2 visible screws).

What have i done damage to anyway? I have a black plastic things sticking in back of the odometer. When i googled for intrumentcluster the thingy is always missing on the pics. Is that a part of the speedocable or the odometer?

So as seen in the image. Do i need a new speedocable? Can i find the plastic attachment somewhere on the internet? or did i break my odometer?

And if i need a new speedocable, which exactly i need? I heard there are many lengths.

Hope you can help me


New 244DL speedometer cable [200][1984]
posted by  manwithabrick  on Mon Nov 26 08:01 CST 2018 >

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