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Tips and Traps on a 1990 245 That Won't Start? 200 1990

I'm looking for a fixer-upper wagon.

There's a craigslist ad for a $900 OBO 1990 245 with 300k miles (don't know if odometer works). It has a rebuilt 1991 740T engine (see photos). I don't have further details as to why it doesn't run. There is some body damage on the tailgate. The engine looks like it hasn't been used; this is because timing belt cover is exposed and the coolant hoses are not attached to the thermostat housing or water pump).

Here's a photo of the engine:


I don't mind a project car, as I have garage space and some knowledge of no-start diagnosis. Based upon this limited information, what would I be getting into with this car and what should I ask seller?

Also, I'm in sunny (and hazy) California, so what might be a more reasonable price?



New Tips and Traps on a 1990 245 That Won't Start? [200][1990]
posted by  1908242DLa  on Tue Nov 20 15:14 CST 2018 >

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