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240 - 92 - no spark - ignition module? 200

I'm at a loss and tracing down electrical issues is definitely not my cup of tea. The old brick has been sitting for longer that I'd like to admit.

I traced down the no crank to a bad neutral safety and I've got that bypassed for now while I get one on order, however she still won't start.

I hear the fuel pump, got pressure at the fuel rails, and can smell fuel when I turn it over (a few times) so I highly suspect the spark side.

Because she's been sitting, I went ahead and put new plugs and wires but still doesn't seem to be getting fire. I've got good voltage getting to both sides of the coil when I turn the key to on position - but when I try to crank I see no spark coming from the coil thru the plug tower when checked with a test light. I threw a new coil on it and still nothing.

could this be a bad ignition module? Any other ideas?????


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