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Temp gauge near red - fixed (FYI): crankshaft pulley separation 200 1990

245 had some engine-temp irregularities (per owner): gauge would move up near the red – touching the bottom line sometimes; then drop back to the middle and stay at normal; then up again.

Owner thought it was associated with load: – temp gauge would climb when he climbed a hill; drop after he coasted …. IME this can be a sign of a clogged radiator but owner had replaced that 2-3 years earlier.

I removed the temp compensator and jumpered the pins; also pulled, cleaned, and reinstalled the thermostat - which had tested OK. Fan belts looked decent and were tensioned correctly.

Engine made a squeak at warm idle which stopped when RPMs were increased. Listening with a hose, noise seemed to be coming from the front crankshaft pulley.

With engine running, sprayed some WD-40 onto the back of the crank pulley from underneath. The engine skipped and the noise stopped immediately.

The outer crank pulley also stopped. I removed the crank pulley and the outer pulley turned easily by hand with the inner clamped in a vice.

I infer that the pulley was slipping under load when driving – under-working the water pump - and the squeak wasn’t noticeable to the driver. Owner also said he had dim lights sometimes – consistent with an under-worked alternator.

Car also had fuel problems (covered in a separate post earlier today - Fri 16-Nov-2018 11:57 EST).

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New Temp gauge near red - fixed (FYI): crankshaft pulley separation [200][1990]
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