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Ball Joints and Inner Tie Rods -- Your experience and opinions requested. 200

Greetings all! I'm Looking for your collective experience / opinions on a set of ball joints and inner tie rods just purchased from fcp for my '88 244.

Parts are as follows.
Ball Joint (left) - Febi 274118 (Part #: FEB-14755)
Ball Joint (right) - Lemforder 274119 (Part #: LEM-1201601)
Inner Tie Rod - Lemforder 9140505 (Part#: LEM-3818001)

Just opened the box and upon inspection I observed the Febi (left) ball joint to be significantly stiffer when compared to the Lemforder (right) ball joint. Has anyone compared these two side by side and noticed the same difference? Has anyone compared a Febi left and a Febi right and found any variability in stiffness? Similarly, has anyone compared a Lemforder left and Lemforder right ball joint and found any variability in stiffness? Was the volvo '88 244 suspension engineered in such a way that specifies a stiffer left ball joint or is the variability in stiffness due to manufacturing tolerances and material quality differences between the two brands? Let me know what you think.

Now to the inner tie rods. With the LEM-3818001 in hand, I noticed the outer housing that encapsulates the ball joint to be completely smooth. The image of the tie rod on fcp's web site shows a flat area where one can position a wrench to spin the outer housing when installing the inner tie rod onto the steering rack shaft. How does one install (hold down and spin) an inner tie rod without those flat spots? If you have replaced your inner tie rods before, did you use a pipe wrench to grab onto the smooth surface, use the Inner Tie Rod Removal Tool CTA-4014 from fcp to remove and install, or did you use some other method to tighten the inner tie rod onto the shaft? Also, I have yet to take off the rubber boot on my steering rack to see what type of locking mechanism is employed to keep the inner tie rod in place, but I can't envision how a metal locking tab (or peening pin of some sort) as described in posts on this board as well as others would work with this smooth outer surface. What have you seen and/or used in terms of locking mechanisms on 240 racks when installing inner tie rods with smooth outer surfaces?

Thank you in advance for you thoughts, comments, recommendations, etc.


New Ball Joints and Inner Tie Rods -- Your experience and opinions requested. [200]
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