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headlights 444-544 1962

Unable to find a wiring diagram identical to my 1963 544, I resorted to using one of the commonly available 544 wiring diagrams as a basis (the number of fuses did not match and most of the wire colors didn't match). I reused as much of the original wiring as possible preserving about 90 % of the wire colors.
I also added a 20 amp circuit breaker to feed the headlight circuit as opposed to fuses. I now have 6 fuses on the drivers firewall for the original loads and 3 fuses and 2 relays on the passenger firewall for the added loads.

I added A/C and 2 - 8" condenser/ radiator fans and controls (radiator temp sw and trinary A/C pressure sw. with manual toggle sw overide). I also used after market gauges and a GPS Speedo and their connections are shown, not the original as my original instrument panel was in very poor cosmetic condition.

I converted the vertical type wiring diagrams used in the Euro influenced world to a horizontal type wiring diagram more common in the US.

I am not 100% finished but if any of you have Autocad Software I would be glad to email the .dwg file and you could tailor to your car (all in English).


New headlights [444-544][1962]
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