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fuel line hose 1266500 / 9179420 id discrepancy 200

my 940 return fuel line hose to the fuel pump is split.

looking up my cd volvo technical manual, the part number is 1266500, and looking up the number in bb (700 rwd post, dated 2011), i found the person stated the i.d. hose as 7.5mm.

the superseding part number is 9179420.

in the cd, no i.d is given, but lengths vary depending on application. the part arrived (Tasca), and the hose is not Volvo.

on the hose:
Maflow 931-60 7.0 mm 1A Fuel> FKM-CSMK 25.10.2017

FKM's trade name is Viton.
(page 8, http://www.amesrubberonline.com/pdf/arm-quick-materials-reference-guide.pdf)

CMS's trade name is Hypalon.
(page 4, https://www.tss.trelleborg.com/remotemedia/media/globalformastercontent/downloadsautomaticlycreatedbyscript/catalogsbrochures/mat_chem_comp_gb_en.pdf)

ID shows 7.0 mm, and searching on volvo dealers with hose shown, it shows the same hose (Maflow) ( picture: https://www.volvopartswebstore.com/products/Volvo/2003/C70-Convertible-23l-5-cylinder-Turbo/Fuel-hose/1189679/9179420.html)

My conclusion, he stated the i.d. wrong, or that's the id after pulling off the old hose.

i haven't taken the old hose off yet (too cold to work), and if the i.d. is different than 7.0, i'll write back.

this hose appears on many volvo models. Tasca had to order the part from EU. although the part does not say where it is made, the hq are in poland, and i don't believe they are made in china.

i'm not sure why the old (94 940) hose disintegrated, and it appears it did so from the outside, not from the inside, from first look.

aftermarket would have been fine, and probably cheaper, but this hose should last for the rest of the life of the car. i wanted a volvo-stamped part, but made with viton and hypalon, i'm pleased.

byron golden
86 245
92 245
94 940


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