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1993 volvos! Located in Gold Bar, WA. 240 wagons for sale. Blue wagon has an Automatic transmission. 207,000 original miles. Leather interior ( has splits in seams of seats but can easily be taken care of ) Top of car needs a paint restore, clear coats is peeling off. Starts, goes, stops and drives like a brick. ---White wagon has 313,000 original miles same splits in seams on seats, New clutch ( Yes it's a stick shift ) new tires, and many new parts on both. Oil was religiously changed about every 4000 miles. These are well taken care of mechanically. $2800 for the blue one, $3000 for the white one or $5000 for both cars. Firm on price! Cash only sale. Clear titles on both cars. They are dirty and need a good scrub down and clean up. No rust problems on either car. - Note: if the blue car sells first we will be keeping the wheels and tires on it and swapping out with the white car but you'll get brand new tires......Only serious inquiries please.


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