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93 940 key stuck in ignition 900 1993


In our 1993 Volvo 940 NA sedan we are unable to turn the key back to the 0 position in order to remove it. This problem developed gradually over the past month or so. At first, we were able to push the shifter harder into the Park position and then the key would release. Shortly after the weather got a bit colder--in the 40s and 40s--this trick failed altogether.

After reading a number of related posts, I removed the instrument cluster and disconnected the cable that goes into the back of the ignition lock assembly and comes from the shift assembly. That did not fix the problem.

I have also disassembled the shift assembly to see if anything is keeping the shifter from going all the way into park. If that is a problem, it's not apparent.

I checked the cable and it does retract when the shifter is moved from reverse to park. It seems that the linkage at both ends does work.

I can imagine four more possibilities to explore:

1. the lock cylinder and and cable work but are out of adjustment (there is an adjustment point near the shifter). If so, I'm trying to imagine which way to turn the threaded adjuster. I assume that the cable is not pushing into the ignition lock far enough.

Since the adjuster seems to lengthen the housing, I guess that I should try to make the housing shorter to get the plunger to go further into the ignition switch.

I'm also trying to think through how colder weather might have made the cable shorter . . .

To test the plunger theory, it might make sense to push a small screwdriver into the lock cylinder where the cable normally goes, to see if that would release the key.

Some posts on the board have described a clicking sound that would occur when the cable is removed, but I did not hear that. Perhaps lubrication of the ignition assembly would do the trick.

2. there is another way the car locks the ignition such as an electrical connection.

3. the ignition cylinder is worn out (or the larger locking mechanism is worn out). Since the cylinder is not available anymore, that would mean I would need to buy a used part.

4. the cable, which appears to work fine, might need replacement.

I'd be happy to hear of any further ideas!

Thanks much,



New 93 940 key stuck in ignition [900][1993]
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