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Engine temperature check sensor cold start problem 200


I'm hoping I could get some help with an issue I'm having with my trusted (until recently) 1992 Volvo 245.
Here are the details ;

1992 Volvo 245
LH 2.4
260K miles

Maintenance by myself for past 10 years

Replaced due to age the following within the last year;
Main fuel pumps/filter (oem)
Cap/rotor/coil (Bosch)
Plugs (ngk)

Replaced within past month in efforts to resolve a 1 2 3 diagnostic code.
MAF (volvo)
ECT sensor (aftermarket) replaced twice to eliminate faulty "new" sensor
Transfer fuel pump

All voltages and resistance values are within Bentley spec at EcU, ect sensor, MAF and corresponding harnesses.

Checked and re heatshrunk ground wires at intake manifold but did not hot solder factory cold crimp.

Here's the issue;

Upon cold start, vehicle still needs multiple cranks to get engine to "catch" , then idle slowly smooths out as vehicle warms up.

If vehicle is started again within a few hours vehicle starts right away.

When vehicle is parked for the evening, cold start issues return.

Vehicle is being looked at by a shop that specializes in Saab (where I take my 9-3).
So far no solid leads found.

Any help would be great, thanks


New Engine temperature check sensor cold start problem [200]
posted by  SBPal  on Tue Oct 23 08:48 CST 2018 >

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