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Buying tips for 940T with 'bad head gasket'? 900

Hey all-

I'm going to check out a 93 940 turbo wagon with what the owner says is a bad head gasket.... He says that it overheated after some plastic on the radiator broke and he lost coolant, and after replacing the radiator, apparently there is 'bubbling' in the coolant reservoir. I think he said it is NOT overheating when he drives it.....

I guess I have a few questions-

1. Any words of wisdom on identifying how bad the head gasket problem actually is when I go to check it out? I.e. is it a cracked cylinder wall, is the bubbling in the reservoir normal? Is the HG even bad? What should I look for?

2. Difficulty? I'm no pro mechanic (I do most of the normal work on my 240 though), but I've always wanted to learn how to do a HG change and I've heard it's not too bad of a job on a redblock- i.e. pull the head, have it checked/skimmed and replace the gasket and bolts. How bad of a job would it be to replace?

3. Lastly, price. How much would you pay for something like this? I've debated just flying out to the west coast and picking up something in nice shape for 2k when this one popped up. He says I should be able to drive it 20 miles to my house and that it's in 'decent' shape....maybe some minor rust... He's asking for 800.




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