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1994 940 odometer and trip meter inop 900

Having had lots of problems (mostly solder related) with instrument clusters on my previous 940s and 740, I have been pleased with my current ride - The Goose. However, recently, both odometer and trip meter quit. All else works fine. I understand this is not a matter of my touching up solder joints, but rather a mechanical thing that is not easy to fix.

What to do? If replacing the cluster (non-turbo) is what I end up doing, who knows what other problems I may encounter?

Is it feasible to only replace the speedometer portion of the cluster? And if so, is the speedometer from a turbo cluster compatible with a non-turbo cluster? I hope so, as u-pull places near me have lots of turbo 940s, as would be reasonable to expect.

Thanks to all!
Seattle are


New 1994 940 odometer and trip meter inop [900]
posted by  yenna  on Wed Oct 17 11:44 CST 2018 >

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