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High mileage "Replace for Reliability' List 900 1994

1994 940 Volvo, with 213,000 miles. I've owned this car since 1998. I have replaced, or had replaced, a ton of stuff. I am interested in maintaining a sort of "cross the country" standard of reliability, in other words, a state of maintenance that will allow me to take off tomorrow on a long trip with my 5 year old son and expect reliable passage to and from our destination.

To ensure this, what parts should be replaced? I am speaking mostly of parts that can fail with no warning and leave one stranded, not those that will fail slowly with warning, such as say, a water pump.

A few items on my car are still original, such as the coil, the alternator, the starter. Should these start the list?

What is your "Replace for Reliability" list?



New High mileage &quot;Replace for Reliability' List [900][1994]
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