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High Idle Persists Despite Consulting Brickboard FAQs 200 1988

1988 Volvo 244 DL N/A with LH 2.0 and automatic transmission, 284k+ miles on dead odometer.

Idle speed was 1100 rpm (before cleaning IAC, below) and car now shakes during idle after doing all of below.

Awaiting new Volov air intake duct. Current air intake duct had two holes in bellows. Taped up and does not allow air to pass through.

Vacuum pressure is steady 18mm Hg after replacing one broken vacuum hose. I checked all vacuum hoses.

I tested resistance and cleaned the idle air control valve. As a result, idle fell to 1030 rpm.

To set timing, when I jumped the blue/white pigtail connector in front of the driver strut tower, idle speed normalized to 750 rpm with the idle screw turned all the way clockwise (that's how it was when I got it). Unable to turn idle speed screw any further.

I cleaned the flame trap and the oil breather box (both were not clogged).

TPS clicks clearly on moving the accelerator cable.

Throttle body removed and cleaned

What am I missing?



New High Idle Persists Despite Consulting Brickboard FAQs [200][1988]
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