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Door glass window channel and fuzzies 444-544

Has any one tried an alternative to the factory style door glass window channel and fuzzies.

What is standard on early American cars is one fuzzy on the outside and one on the garnish mold only at the bottom (commonly called belt line weatherstrip). like this http://commercialhardwaresupply.com/crl-flexible-stainless-steel-beaded-weatherstrip-YM396?filter_name=ym3, The Volvo 544 uses this all around the window opening on the door and the garnish molding then uses rubber fillers for the edge of the glass to ride on and in the upper part of the door as a stop.
The vent window vertical window channel and the rear of the door glass below the window opening has a short piece of window channel, they appear to the be the same 5/8" wide and ~ 1/2" high.

I propose using the window channel shown below from the rear of the door glass all the way up to the vent window channel and fuzzy. Then the fuzzys don't need but 1 short bend at the bottom instead of top and bottom.

This makes the installation process easier and much more fool proof and saves about $100.



Has anyone else tried this ?


New Door glass window channel and fuzzies [444-544]
posted by  senginc  on Fri Oct 5 13:19 CST 2018 >

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