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Thoughts about 745 Wagon with Brown ATF? 700 1989

$1500 price firm.

136k miles (I verified that odometer works)
passed smog
clean title
I have a junkyard AW7x in my basement with clear fluid when I got it, but don't know if it's okay
shifts okay when driving

ATF color is light brown, not burnt
ATF fluid is normal cold (forgot to check warm)
Car shakes for 1/2 second when parked and shift from P to D and P to R, but not D to P or R to P
conventional oil changes
unknown date of last ATF flush, if ever
roof paint came off (see prior post from yesterday)
intermittent howling noise, about every 7 seconds at rest
steering wheel shakes on decelerating
rpms about 3500 around 45mph before shifting up (does arrow in dash mean overdrive is on or off?)
when turning on the lights, the windshield wipers come on
when putting on left turn signal, dashlight "bulb" comes on, but all turn signal lights come on
unknown when timing belt, water pump, and coolant were last changed


New Thoughts about 745 Wagon with Brown ATF? [700][1989]
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