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Contittech Timing Belt 900 1994

I bought a 1994 940 NA a few weeks ago and have been trying to get it in good condition. The distributor is on the end of the camshaft so the idler gear has no effect on cam to crank timing.
I replaced the timing belt and tensioner about a week ago and today I retensioned it with the engine at #1 TDC. The belt was a Contitech and I noticed when I replaced it that the mark on the Scantech innermost cover was off a little, about half a cog too much clockwise. But the car ran fine. After retensioning the belt today I started it up and the idle speed was about 1500 RPM. Before the retensioning, idle was at the normal 750 or thereabouts RPM. I then moved the timing belt one cog counterclockwise. The idle speed was then about 1300 RPM.
I compared the Contitech markings to a new and old Volvo timing belt and the distance from the double mark (the crankshaft) to the mark going to the camshaft was one cog too much.
I have used Contitech for many years with no problem but the two Contitech I compared with the Volvo timing belt have them 1 cog too much (crank to camshaft markings). I bought the Contitech timing belts a couple years ago.
I don't know if retensioning the timing belt changed the timing enough to cause the high idle or it was a coincidence with something else going wrong??
Also, I am wondering if the cars I have replaced the timing belt with Contitech are timed correctly?
So, has anyone else noticed the incorrect marking on the Contitech timing belts? Also, why is my idle so high after retensioning the timing belt or is this a coincidence with some other problem?
Mine:3-940s running, 1-740, 2-940 parts, dtrs:4-940s running


New Contittech Timing Belt [900][1994]
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