RWD - 940 b230ft Head Removed. Your Thoughts on Images Please.

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940 b230ft Head Removed. Your Thoughts on Images Please. 900 1993

Hi All,

The head on my 93 940 turbo has been removed for the third time. On the previous occasions I assisted my neighbour. He is away at the moment so I'm tackling the job without his assistance.My knowledge is limited.

It has travelled 450000 non city kms (280000k miles).

The first gasket was replaced at 200000kms due to an external coolant leak above the 4th spark plug. The second replacement was due to a coolant leak into the oil. This replacement, is once again ,due to coolant leaking above the 4th spark plug.

The car has been meticulously maintained. Synthetic oil and Mann filters every 8000km & 50:50 coolant mix from concentrate and demineralised water at specified intervals etc.

It has never overheated. Thanks to John Sargent for his invaluable assistance in the fitting of a low coolant sensor.

No electrolysis has ever been evident.

Three head gaskets replaced, but the water pump is the original. It has a small leak so I will change it this time. I'd prefer it to have been one head gasket and three water pumps. I guess you can't win them all.

The car has a sequential LPG system fitted. The LPG does not effect it's performance and is generally used due to it being cheaper.

I will attempt to submit 5 images of the head the block and the gasket. They are loaded to the gallery. Not sure how to attach them.

Image 4 shows where coolant leaked between coolant inlets to the outside.

My Observations.
The brown stains show no evidence of pitting.
There seems to be oil under the gasket on the exhaust side but not the inlet. Is this normal ?
Is the pitting on the valves normal for the kms?

Your thoughts will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

NB The 6th image is not mine. Not sure how it got there !


New 940 b230ft Head Removed. Your Thoughts on Images Please. [900][1993]
posted by  Hibbo  on Tue Sep 25 04:44 CST 2018 >

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