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90 240 only start with starter fluid won't run 200 1990

My 1990 240 wagon has had an intermittent no start problem and died on the road one time. The time it died on the road it started right up after towing it home. Each time I had the no start problem I checked on Brickboard and "fixed" something. Six months ago I had the engine and chassis steam cleaned and had no immediate problem. However, the problem appeared about 3 months ago. What I have done; Replaced 25A fuse holder and fuse, cleaned MAS and throttle body, cleaned and lubed with dielectric grease every connection and socket I could find under the hood, replaced the fuel pump relay and crank sensor and cleaned all fuse clips and fuse ends. There is no power to the main fuel pump while cranking. The OBD, with the pin in #2, gives a code of 2-3-2 which I read as a lambda problem. It is my understanding that non turbo cars do not have a lambda sensor. Needless to say I am at a loss. Any input is welcomed gratefully. I do love my car and for four years it has been stone reliable but right now it needs help, (and me too).



New 90 240 only start with starter fluid won't run [200][1990]
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