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245 tailgate hinges simultaneous failures. Not just in a theater near you 200 1986

Two thoughts, having recently replaced the hinges on my 76 245.

First, you note that the hatch has had difficulty closing for a number of years. I have observed that the hatches on these cars really seem to close with a BANG already (I have new struts on mine, and I'm surprised at how they still aren't exactly subtle in their action). I think that years of slamming definitely weaken the hinges in two different ways.

(hence my 2nd thought)

On my car, I had one hinge where over time the pin basically crept out to the point where it was barely holding through one hole. See pics below.

That second picture is trying to show how much the pin had shifted. I replaced the hinge, but eventually the pin would pull entirely out of the hole and the hinge would likely bust apart in no time. Maybe this is what happened to yours. I've yet to figure out how to press this thing back to its proper position. I'd love to be able to do that as I'd have a nice hinge if I could fix this.

In addition, I've found junkyard hinges where the long piece that goes down into the hatch is busted clean off while the hinge was still secured to the car. The long piece in this photo:

You can still use the hinge with just the 3 big bolts (2 on the car body, 1 on the hatch), but I suspect that over time it's less secure and could fail.

Bottom line is that decades of constant slamming does seem to take a toll on the hinges. But as has been noted here, you can probably find decent ones from other board members or at a junkyard.


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New 245 tailgate hinges simultaneous failures. Not just in a theater near you [200][1986]
posted by  geodonuts  on Fri Sep 14 08:04 CST 2018 >

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