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245 tailgate hinges simultaneous failures. Not just in a theater near you 200 1986

After changing a flat at 5 am, feeling the job well done and bed calling me, I went to shut/slam the tailgate door to my wagon and watched as one (passenger) hinge sheared off immediately, then the other one moments later, likely due to lateral forces that the mishung door quickly levered on its remaining hinge. So now of course there is no 5th door on my 245. The car is worth on paper maybe two of those brand new hinges from IPD. I'm planning on pick'n'pulling it on a day off soon.

I've had a 15-20 lb. bicycle rack attached to that door since around 2009, and for a while it was necessary to have on there in order to keep the gate from flapping while I drove, as it went thru a phase for a few years where I could never get any portion of its latch and clasp to hold properly. This is the only thing I can think of as to why my hinges spontaneously failed, since from what I've searched around here that doesn't seem to be a common problem. In fact I thought that sort of thing only happened in the National Lampoon Vacation film variety, so slapstick it wasn't actually possible, or at least after changing a tire just before dawn.

was my car sneaking off to the movies without me and getting ideas, or has anyone found themselves in the same scenario? I'm just worried that any other hinge that comes from a parts car is going to run me the same risk. Do these things just give up after 32 years of service, or was I wrong to rock the bike rack for so many years?

Just wondering if a used hinge equates to a Part 2 at a later date, if these are designed to shear after some years of use. Thanks as always, fellas, your input is always appreciated


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New 245 tailgate hinges simultaneous failures. Not just in a theater near you [200][1986]
posted by  geodonuts  on Fri Sep 14 08:04 CST 2018 >

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