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1986 Volvo 740 GLE not running right/rough idle/dies upon throttle 700 1986

I have an 86' 740 LH 2.2 that was running like a dream up until 3ish weeks ago. went out to start the car and the #2 fi was dead. changed that out, and the car continued to act like it was choking upon throttle, and sometimes would backfire thru the intake from the sound of it. changed out all fuel pumps and filters, still the same issue. Also owning an 88' 740 GLE, i've been able to swap over the MAFs, IACVs, ECTs, ECUs, basically anything not requiring a gasket. the only 2 sensors "untested" were the TPS and the O2. on the tps, i hooked a multimeters prongs into port 1 and 3 on the tps harness and got 9v off, and once the tps clicked no power was read. so it seems to be "working" as i got the same result from my 88'. The only easy thing i haven't swapped or tested yet would be the fuel injection computer on the passenger side but I highly doubt thats it.. i have the volvo tool 9995280 to run simple diagnostics as well. the car has no issue idling at all until it warms up. usually starts stumbling or choking when shifted into drive and will die upon throttle. yesterday i actually drove it around for 2 to 4 miles before these problems represented themselves, but even the car didnt feel at full strength. thank you all for any help, Seth

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