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Can't find Registered Owner - have VIN 1800 1971

I have purchased a 1971 Volvo P1800E, here in Texas, and have run into a little problem. The party from whom I purchased said car has since died and couldn't find the title. He never transferred it but says the car was given to him as payment for a debt in 1986. I have been trying to buy this car for over 10 years and have indeed seen it on his property for the last 30yrs. He says the car was from Maryland, and indeed there is the remnant of a MD inspection sticker, with partial number still showing, on the windshield. No license tag. I have exhausted all means known to me in finding the previous/current owners information but all to no avail! I have contacted; MVD, DMV, (Both MD & TX) Texas State Highway Patrol inspection station/office, and the court system in MD via a Writ Mandamus. I know I can get a Bonded Title for the car but would rather find the registered owners information and get a clear blue title.

So I am hoping one of you guys can help me! ANY help anyone can give me would be much appreciated. And if someone can help I can send pics of VIN plate, Trim plate and stamped body and chassis numbers.

Thanks - Fast71

Ps. I yes, I have contacted Nick Tarlton - and he was not interested in helping unless he could steal it for nothing.


New Can't find Registered Owner - have VIN [1800][1971]
posted by  Fast71  on Wed Aug 15 20:32 CST 2018 >

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