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Hot Day = Rough Starting 200 1991

1991 240

On the hot days here in Iowa it's necessary to use the gas pedal liberally to keep it from quitting upon starting... after research here I suspected a leaking cold start valve - too much fuel causing an extra-rich mixture. So, I unplugged the cold start valve electrical connector and now it starts fine.

My question is, is there anything I might have overlooked that I should check before I spend $150 on a used cold start valve? (New valves are apparently unavailable also.) On one occasion (before I unplugged the cold start valve) the check engine light came on and gave the error codes for air mass meter and oxygen sensor. I put a different AMM in and reset the codes, but the starting problem continued until I unplugged the cold start valve.

So right now it starts fine, but I wonder if it might be potentially harmful to drive it with the cold start valve electric connection unplugged?

I'll throw this in there too - the car tends to run cool, instead of the temp gauge right in the middle it's usually well below that. I'll try a new thermostat soon, but I wonder if the cool running temperature could indicate a chronic rich mixture from a faulty cold start valve.



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