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Noise from rear, on jacks only one wheel turns. Still. 200 1987

Engine off, in neutral, the wheel will turn by hand with a small scrape sound about once per revolution.

so you've got the thing up on jack stands and you can't isolate where that scraping sound is coming from?????
Get an assistant to turn the wheel(s) get under there with a small funnel or piece or radiator hose stuck in your ear and find the source. (The mechanic's Stethascope...or go out an buy a Mechanic's StethScope, yes they cheap)

A scraping sound wud Not be coming from inside the rear. any sound eminatiing from an Internal fault wud be muffled. Rear End problem sounds are usually RumbleLike and heard at speed. The sound will vary under load.

Re: the hand brake. It's odd that you took the rear brakes apart (the hard part) and didn't check the cable operation while you had the end unhooked from the brake shoes.

Did you have the rear brake drums turned? Did you inspect then to see if they were scored by the old shoes - IF the old shoes were worn down to the rivets(metal). That scraping that you hear may just be the new shoes rubbing on the drum. If there is no Drag, then Not a problem. The shoes will soon seat themselves.

If the thing drives just fine with no rumble and no screatching at speed, then stop knocking yourself out.

As for Volvo From Heck's idea about the UJoints...Yes if they are gone they cud make a scraping sound. The rear most UJoint, attached to the flange at the Rear is usually the first to go.

Get Under there and give a closer listen.


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New 1 Noise from rear, on jacks only one wheel turns [200][1987]
posted by  Kindofhandy  on Sun Jul 29 01:52 CST 2018 >

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