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Noise from rear, on jacks only one wheel turns. Still. 200 1987

kindofhandy wrote--"And still .... there is progress but the same problems persist. The wheel seems to be trying to turn now. It's slightly better - off the ground it'll go a bit with a little encouragement. The noise seems diminished but remains. It's kind of a scratchy, scraping sound. I think there might be two similar sounds, one that is there anytime the axles are turning and one that chimes in when the throttle is applied."
I can't really help identify your noise but I do think you should relax regarding the reluctance of the none spinning wheel to turn smoothly--it's behaving perfectly normal in an open diff. As I've mentioned previously -- if you block up the wheel that will spin (block it up while the transmission is out of gear) you will find the none spinning wheel spinning now and the formally spinning wheel will now be reluctant to turn.
This thread is long and this may have been suggested already -- have you dropped the driveshaft to hand test each U-joint through its complete motion (with no "hitch") and popped a seal off the carrier bearing to check for grease? -- Dave


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New 1 Noise from rear, on jacks only one wheel turns [200][1987]
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