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No brakes when car is running 900 1994

My 940 had been sitting for about a year waiting for my daughter to get her license. The front calipers were pretty rusted and were dragging. After trying to clean & lube them I replaced them.

All 4 brakes were bled and they felt like they stiffened up. However, as soon as I started the car the brake pedal went to the floor without resistance. While the car is running and the brake pedal is fully depressed I cannot spin the front wheels. I replaced the master cylinder and re-bled the brakes, but the problem still persists. I tried to see if there was fluid in the booster, but either there isn't any or I'm not able to reach the bottom. The booster hose has vacuum and doesn't appear to have any leaks.

I could really use some help as I'm out of ideas.


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New No brakes when car is running [900][1994]
posted by  Sithdad  on Fri Jul 13 21:51 CST 2018 >

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