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Severe Transmission Problems 900 1996

It hasn't happened to me, so I hesitate to suggest it, but non-magnetic sludge sounds like it originates in the friction surfaces used in the transmission. The "glue" that holds them together and binds them to the metal survives old fluid but, from what I hear, dissolves quickly in fluid contaminated with water moisture or coolant.

Your thoughts about avoiding the radiator when changing the ATF probably recall reading about how others, with failed radiators, or leaking transmission coolers (inside the radiator) have suffered ruined transmissions. I envision this could occur as a result of a mistake made flushing, where the nipple on the ATF cooler gets twisted tightening the cooler line nut, causing a crack or break internally. The larger pressure on the engine coolant side will force anti-freeze into the ATF. I'm fairly sure an oil analysis would confirm it if it isn't obvious in the drained fluid.
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New Severe Transmission Problems [900][1996]
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