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Severe Transmission Problems 900 1996

Dear analogdad,

Hope you're well. Pulling the transmission pan on a '96 960 is easier than it is on a 940. On the '96 960s, the automatic transmission fluid (ATF) filler tube is secured to the transmission's casing by a single bolt. Removal of that bolt makes unnecessary any effort to separate the filler tube from the pan: never having seen/worked on a 960 tranny, I'm not sure if it is even possible to separate the filler tube from the transmission's pan (as it is on a 940's Aisin-Warner AW70-71-72 transmissions).

Further, on the '96 960, the parts diagram in Volvo VADIS - a superseded dealer parts/service database - shows that the ATF filler tube's "dipstick" has no place for fingers to grip it, allowing its removal so that fluid level can be checked. I'd guess there's a way to attach a wire to the plastic top of the dipstick, so that it can be removed.

Thus, before flushing the tranny, it might be wise: (a) to drain the transmission pan; (b) to remove the pan; (c) to remove the filter; and (d) to clean the filter and the pan.

If the filter has only a few particles of "crud" on it, then my hypothesis is wrong. There's another reason for the slippage.

If the filter is coated with "crud", then a cleaning and re-flushing is in order, using Wal-Mart ATF. If that gets rid of the slippage, then I'd drive at least 500 miles, re-inspect the filter (cleaning, if needed) and re-flush with Mobil 1 full-synthetic ATF (or other, similar ATF).

Before removing the transmission pan, spread a tarpaulin to catch the fluid that will drain from the tranny, once the pan has been removed. Kitty litter or sawdust will absorb ATF.

Hope this helps.

Yours faithfully,



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New Severe Transmission Problems [900][1996]
posted by  analogdad  on Tue Jul 3 15:28 CST 2018 >

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