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Brake failure light 200 1990

You're absolutely right. The engineers didn't make it so easy to reach up behind the cluster from underneath. Not so easy as it was in CB's old 80's cars. And they knew it, between Volvo adding the SRS and VDO supplying a new cluster design every year to keep up. They had VDO fashion a Rube Goldberg reset cable for the Service Reminder mileage counter. In yours, you can put the Service Engine light out by poking a recess in the cluster's front panel.

By now you've got removing the cluster down in memory, if you've examined the bulb at all. I don't believe those bulbs are the horse explanation of hoofbeats, because they get such little use, a dud warning lamp is more of a zebra, but you have to rule it out. Even testing the bulb isn't definitive, as an aged bulb that is rarely used might just have its filament separated by vibration stress, so by the time you have it in your hand, the filament could be making contact, and test "good."

If the brake failure lamp is the only one not lighting in lamp test mode (key on engine stalled) chances are pretty good either the lamp is out or its lamp test diode and printed circuitry has a cracked solder joint. That's where the problem will be if the new or swapped lamp doesn't fix it.

I used to be able to squint at those bulbs to know if they were OK, snicking them with a fingernail to see if the filament was intact. Junkyard experience told me the cluster warning lamps were 95% OK and the others used for illuminating the console, etc. were 80% duds. Numbers certified by audit of course. :)

So, put another bulb in, or more likely swap it with one that you know works, hook up the cables to the cluster and check the lamp test feature before you put the screws back in. If the problem persists, you'll want to disassemble the cluster's circuit board from its housing to look at the traces.
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New Brake failure light [200][1990]
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