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I'll echo what other responders have said and add info about how I found 2 new front seats for my car, which also had the "foam turned to dust" problem that many have. Mine is a 1976...so it's incrementally harder to find replacement seats for mine.

I used http://car-part.com and searched junk yards. The key there seems to be to broaden your search to all geographic areas and to put in years that cover all that might include a part that fits your car. For example, I searched front seat for a Volvo 240 model years 1985 to 1995 (I may be somewhat off in terms of that range) and found 4 pages of results. THEN the important thing is to only look at listings that have pictures (that cuts down the number of hits tremendously). Bear in mind that the picture shown may not be of a seat, but click on the thumbnail and you'll probably get a gallery of pics from that car and one will show the interior and seats.

Then finally, you call the yard that has a picture of something you'd want. You will likely find that a good number of the places you call no longer have that car ("sent to the crusher"), but someone will still have what you want. So it just takes some phone work. Those that still have the car will probably need to go look at it, and then report back to you. And then the haggling on price begins.

Many of these yards will ship using a freight carrier or maybe you can arrange the Greyhound Bus shipping thing. When I did this (sending 2 seats and 4 door cards from IL to MA) last spring, it cost about $120 in shipping. That seems steep...but maybe not so much when you consider that new foam for these seats costs about $200 a seat. (plus maybe some other pieces such as the webbing/grid, etc.) And perhaps you'll get lucky and find a yard that has what you want that is close enough for you to go pick it up which obviously means no shipping at all.

I put 2 new-looking, matching - and matching to the interior, which was important to me - cloth seats in my car for about $300 total. That seemed worth it to me to get rid of the lumpy crumbling foam. New/refreshed seats makes it seem like a whole new car.

Good luck!


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New front seats for 1990 240 wagon [200][1990]
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