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1990 240 ECT replacement - OEM and Teflon tape 200

Hi Mark,

The next time it’s starts that turning off in a couple minutes try having a timing light on the spark wires.
You want to see if the plugs wires are still getting spark the “whole time” the engine is coasting down to a stop.
This would mean the ICU is still responding to trigger pluses for ignition from the CPS. This should be keeping the ECU on and holding the system relay on.

If it is it’s more likely that the injectors might not be firing on their on, if it thinks it lost spark.
Knowing spark is a key to the ECU to do both, fire the injectors through that closed system relay ground circuit. Dropping injectors is a fault function in safety. The computer just resets each time, not know it did so through normal channels to trip a known fault code.

I have a story about this on a Aprilia motor scooter. TWO bad ECU’s.

If you have spark and a closed relay, know by observing 12v power on the orange wire of the AMM, then the ECU body could not be grounded properly at the chassis or body point, Or bad ECU?

Just a thought to see if this method my catch something?



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New 1990 240 ECT replacement - OEM and Teflon tape [200]
posted by  martnplyr  on Sun May 13 11:56 CST 2018 >

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