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HS6 Rebuild Issues: Starving for Fuel Still 444-544

Car: 1963 544: B18D, K camshaft, 0.040 overbore, HS6 dual carbs, glass bowl fuel pump, rebuilt engine and transmission. Compression is very strong. Vacuum advance tube to the carb.

Backstory: carb shafts were worn so did a rebuild. Car ran strongly but was set to be very rich and timing was near 30. Exhaust smell was very strong and the car began to bog down under light load after extended use. Had carbs rebuilt with KA needles. There were some issues with the rebuild of the carbs but they've been taken care of.

Currently: Idles around 950rpm, timing set back to 14 degrees. Was set to 22 but got pinging. Valves checked and adjusted. Carbs are synchronized but set to be a bit rich. Fuel bowls full and the same level.

Problem: Under acceleration and load the car feels like it's starving for gas even though the mixture is rich. Chugs when accelerating and just doesn't feel right. New sparkplugs put in they are already a bit dirty from the richness.

Solution: Upgrade to KD needles? I've had someone pretty knowledgeable help me with the car and even they're confused.

Thoughts? I really appreciate all the advice I get from this forum.


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New HS6 Rebuild Issues: Starving for Fuel Still [444-544]
posted by  someone claiming to be tommyt544  on Sun Jun 10 09:05 CST 2018 >

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