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No start 900 1993

Long time no see Brickboard!

Wifemobile has been running mostly fine last years so I haven't been very active here. It is now retired at our holiday home, where my wife uses it for shorter trips.
It is my 1993 945 B230FD n/a with Bosch LH fuel injection, now at 540┬┤km (34kmiles).
For a while it has developed a bad habit of no start.
Unfortunateley I haven't been around when it is not starting, so I haven't been able to troubleshoot myself. I have looked for fault codes, but there were none.
It has been to two mechanics, and none of them found any problems. The car started while in the garage both times.

Things replaced sofar without any result
-RPM sensor for flywheel
-Fuel injection relay
-Radio suppression relay

Replaced or addressed relatively recently due to maintenance / problems
-Both fuel pumps replaced, Volvo original
-Ultrasonic cleaning of injectors (@450'km)
-Resoldered instrument cluster circuit board
-Generator replaced, Volvo original
-Battery feels strong but I don't remember when I last replaced it
-Catalytic converter + lambda sensor replaced
-EGR valve replaced (second hand as new are no longer available)

A friend had the car at the last No-Start, and he said he could not hear the fuel pump when trying to start. I forgot to ask him if the RPM needle was jumping when cranking.

So am I doing right in telling the mechanic to replace the main fuel pump if he doesn't find anything else?
I think that would be the most likely culprit for now.

Any suggestions welcome!



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New No start [900][1993]
posted by  mila  on Fri Jun 8 05:55 CST 2018 >

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