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Can I trust my trusty indie mechanic after this? 900 2015

What if you suspect your Volvo indie is purposely trying to sneakily sabotage your car just to keep having you spend more?

This is a situation that has never happened to me before. I have been with this local indie for 20 years... but maybe things are getting lean there. I noticed last time I was in, there weren't many cars in the lot - usually the parking lot is filled with cars.

Anyhow, I came in to get a leaking radiator hose fixed. At the time of the overheating, the electric fan went on since it was so hot.

I had thought it was a leaking radiator, but they called and said it was the heater hose leaking. I would have thought I'd have noticed that. Anyhow, I came in a little early to the pickup and one of the 5 or so mechanics had the hood up and was working with an electric meter.

They said, you had a leaking hose and they also took off the water pump and added a new seal. I had this pump replaced about 2 years ago, and it kept leaking at the pump seal - but they didn't charge me anything. I was grateful for that.

Also they said, "The fan is running all the time. You need a new sensor" you can drive with it as it is - but the fan won't turn off. You can reset the code, but the fan will only stay off for 20 seconds then it'll come back on again".

The estimated charge was $350. I said, "Okay, thanks, since I need the car now, I'll have that done next week".

So I get home... and after a little looking around I noticed one of the electric cables was unplugged. I had no idea where it went. I got a mirror and flashlight and looked around - only to discover the connecting socket way down in the engine out of sight. I'd never unplugged that in all the time I've had the car.

So it's obvious only the mechanic could have unplugged it and left the electric connection to the sensor sort of tucked away in the engine!!!

It's been plugged in there for 20 years... but all of a sudden it's unplugged.

So I plugged it back in. I started the car - and the fan still was on, just like they told me it would.

But I'd read about disconnecting the battery to reset the code. So I tried that and now the electric fan went OFF! And the car has run fine without the fan starting again.

So... it's like they were hoping to get me to pay $350 for a new sensor with the only symptom being the fan was running continuously.

This is one of the most trusted Volvo shops in town - and I've trusted them for 20 years. But now I'm not sure I do anymore. I mean what's to stop them from sticking some steel wool into the engine next time I take it in - then when something inside breaks down they get an expensive engine overhaul?

How could any mechanic not notice the sensor was unplugged? And as I say one of them had to have unplugged it, since I had never touched it ever, it's quite hard to reach. And I wonder why was the one mechanic out there with an electric meter when I came in? Was he unplugging it? Was he just pretending to measure the output of the sensor or something?


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