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940 Rear Shock Absorber - Rubber Washer 900 1997

Hi all,

Today I was replacing my rear shocks, the rear right one was easy, the rear left has been a big pain so far.
To make it short, I had to cut it with a grinder to remove it.
As a result, I had to cut both lower anti-vibration rubber washers.

The new shocks I purchased are the Sachs Advantage 106491 (Volvo P/N 1329500) and they were supplied without new rubber washers.

I launched VIDA and searched for those washers, no trace of them, which means they are not supplied.

I am stuck as it looks impossible to find those washers anywhere, I have spent the last two hours on the internet, there is nothing even close that I can use to replace them.


OD: 1" ID"5/8 Thickness:3/8

Any ideas?

Thank you!


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New 940 Rear Shock Absorber - Rubber Washer [900][1997]
posted by  Metallo  on Sun Apr 15 10:03 CST 2018 >

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