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Is a volvo 245 glt turbo worth restoring 200 1983

Howdy All,

Question for you, is a 1983 volvo 245 GLT turbo worth restoring?

The car in question has 200K on the engine which has not run in 3 years perhaps a bit more.
The car is a desirable (to me) manual shift.

She has two exhaust side head studs broken, a bit of rust on the bottom sides of the rear windows (not rusted through) and some rust around the bottom of the windshield (again not rusted through).

The wiring harness will need replacing. I've done this on other cars so should be pretty strait forward ($230 new I belive)

Price is $1200. The interior is in good condition. Will also need paint which was quoted over the phone at $1800-2200

So my question is should I take the plunge?

I'm planning on checking it out and am considering shooting a bit of oil in the cylinders and turning it over. I plan on doing a cold compression check. Is this advisable?

Not sure how to check the engine to make sure it's in good running condition? Advice?

I've got a decent amount of experience with the turbo 245's as I did own one for a few years but now drive a 1993 245 daily. Also you guys are VERY helpful and knowledgeable, so there are no problems I feel can't be resolved.

Thanks in Advance,


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