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Alternator Not Charging 900 1992

Started the 92 945T ( nearing 300K miles) this morning to warm up. When I returned to go to the commuter train, I had several warning light on which the FAQ relate to no charging. I checked the voltage at the battery with engine running and sure enough 11.2 Volts=no charging. Having no time to diagnose I shut down, put on the battery charger for as long as I could and did the Apollo 13-like run to the train station successfully.

From the FAQ I get the impression that this could be either:
1. Worn brushes (likely since no alternator issues in the 10 years I've been driving the car or

2. Bad solder joint in the instrument panel leading to no excitation (also likely since I have intermittent temp readings and speedo quit some time back and odo quit a few months ago)

Further information: When driving, at first the warning lights would all go out above 2500 RPM. Later in the drive it took 4000 RPM and finally they just stayed on.

I'll have a chance to troubleshoot tonight if I can get home on the remaining charge in the battery.

Will print out the charging FAQs but any other advise or experiences are appreciated.

Note: I have two 240's sitting around who could donate alternators or parts if they interchange.

Brian Mee

92 945T
91 240
90 240 DL


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New Alternator Not Charging [900][1992]
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