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1988 240 Dl wiring misfire Help me 200 1988

Hey I have a long messy story having to do with my Volvo 240. It is a 1988 Volvo 240 Dl. Before you read this let me preface, I know what I did was dumb and misguided, I understand that, I am in high school still and short on money spare time and experience. I bought Samson my beloved 240 and ran it for 8 months with minor repairs like cam cover gasket, oil changes, minor rust repairs, interior cleaning up, re installing the cassette deck, alternator, and some other maintinence and repairs. My car was an absolutely greasy pig to work on though so I cleaned the engine bay. I removed the battery and covered the ignition computer, cap and rotor, and exersized caution but not enough apparently. waited awhile put the battery in cranked and cranked and it fired up... on less than 4 cylinders. I let it dry out more and it got to be late and my friend was getting rammy as I was at his house so I burnt up the starter trying to get it to run again and it kinda half ran in this process again as it did earlier. So in replacing the starter this was a disater, we tried kicking the trans mount over and sliding the trans over and breaker bars and heat to 700 degrees and impact wrenches and cold shocking with dry ice mixed with alchol and every penetrant available. So I pulled a motor to change a starter. The bolts came out with all my weight on a jack handle on a breaker bar but anyway the engine went back in and my friend was helping me and taking a bit of lead and cut up my harness a little and then bailed on me. Anyway everything went back in but the car runs either really rough or on less than 4 cylinders. It has spark on all 4 cylinders. The wires effected are the injector wires all have some extra length and 2 butt crimp connectors and the wires from the injector computer inside the cabin. I think what caused the initial miss was I replaced plugs and wires in the motor reinstallation process because I had them sitting around but I think some moisture got in one outlet point on the cap as it corroded to a plug wire a couple months later. I also have to start the car with ether when its under 60 degrees or so. I have yet to pull apart my hall effect under my distributor and dont know exactly what to look for anyway. and the car has backfired many many times in these hard starts so I will likely need a new maf. I know my harness is one year I believe and I am looking in to getting a new ignition and engine harness from daves volvo website. What are your thoughts? Also the ignition harness was cut up and adapted from a wire within a wire in to the ignition controller so Im unsure if something was updated in my car or if its not original but I can get more info when I get home Im in highschool lunch period currently so I appologize for the rushed way with poor grammer this is written. Also the grey connector block was removed from my firewall whem the motor went in and out and thats fine but im getting a new one for good measure and going to fish some bullet connectors through it. It was beat up so we cut it out and tied the wires together for the time being. I'm looking forward to being more involved in the forum community and will be back on to update this shortly.


New 1988 240 Dl wiring misfire Help me [200][1988]
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