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Seafoam before or after Fuel filter & FI replacement?? 200

I'm back after a few years with another Volvo. Retired my 98' S70 GLT for an 02' Audi A4. The Audi is more fun to drive, Volvo was definitely easier to work on...

Anyway, picked up an 89' 244 DL that will be primarily driven by my daughter away at college. So I'm fixing/replacing things. Car has 216K miles and is in overall decent shape.

It definitely sounds like a diesel so I know the top end is probably not getting the oil it needs. I'm planning to run Seafoam through it in a couple of weeks.

I'm also planning to replace the fuel filter, and get some re-manufactured fuel injectors.

So my question - should I run Seafoam through first, assuming it may pick up crud from the tank & potentially get trapped in the old filter and injectors? Then I can put in the new components. My concern is the possibility of the Seafoam bringing all that crud into a new filter &/or clogging up the new fuel injectors.

I have used Seafoam before so I know how to "sip" it into the vacuum line,

Appreciate any insights from the Volvo Brain Trust


88' 245, retired at 250K miles
98' S70GLT, retired at 225K miles
02' Audi A4 1.8T
95' 945T, son driving in New Mexico
98' V70GLT, big mistake on my part, sold at a loss
89' 244 DL, new to the family


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New Seafoam before or after Fuel filter & FI replacement?? [200]
posted by  someone claiming to be macs70GLT  on Wed Mar 21 08:49 CST 2018 >

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