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Yet Another Noisy Fuel Pump Question 200 1983

So yesterday was one of the first warm days around here in the Pacific NW. My wife and I took off for a drive and to do a hike. On the way home we both heard a noise that seemed unfamiliar. It was a constant buzzing or maybe whining sound that seemed to me to come from the driver's side rear. This only happened when the key was on and the engine running. It did not happen with the key on and engine NOT running.

I am of the (not so) informed opinion that this may be the fuel pump or fuel pump related. About 2 years ago I had to follow Art's instructions on how to make a new fuel line and when I installed it I replaced both main pump and filter at the same time. It was a Bosch pump from IPD. I figured why fool with anything else since changing it is such a PIA under the car? But I do not think I have heard any real noise from it since then until yesterday.

I am pretty sure that when starting off in the morning with the tank more full and the temps lower that I heard no such noise. But when we did hear it the tank was around 1/2 full and it was 70 degrees or so and we had been driving maybe 40 miles non-stop.

However, this morning when I went out in the much cooler temps to try and listen some more, I heard nothing at all.

I am feeling like this MAY be the influence of a poor or dead in-tank pump which is original equipment (1983). I have heard and read about these but never had to deal with them myself. I checked the fuse on #5 and it is fine. I checked the hot side of the fuse holder (with fuse removed) and got over 12V. I tried to listen down the fuel filler cap (really?) and could hear nothing. Of course the car was running so is that is noise enough to cover something like this?

The car never displayed any problems starting or of being starved for fuel. So I am not really sure what is up, if anything. But with half tank and higher than recent temps and the new noise yesterday, I have to wonder...

I am trying to read and understand Art's detailed article on all this. Doubt I will undertake anything here myself and instead take it to Rainbow Auto who is an old Volvo specialist. But want to at least make sure I am on the right path in my suspicions.

I also have noticed that my fuel efficiency seems lower than I expect (maybe 17-18 MPH on the interstate) and am not sure if this has anything to do with that. I did replace the AMM a while back to relieve a bad rich running condition. Since them, seems to run well but I feel like on the interstate I used to get 23-25MPH. Maybe my old man brain is addled? It is not easy for me to get accurate MPH most of the time due to long dead odometer (another story).

Thanks for all.


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New Yet Another Noisy Fuel Pump Question [200][1983]
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