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Bulb Malfunction Indicator Pin Numbers (Bulb Out Relay) 900 1994

I have been lucky re-soldering several Bulb Malfunction Indicators (Bulb Out Relay) but my luck has run out on one. The cruise control and the brake lights don't work. I had a spare and everything is fine now and I'd like to re-solder the bad relay (again, first time re-soldering didn't fix it) I have the wiring diagram but the pin numbers on the black disc around the pins don't correlate. John Sargent wrote in the FAQS under "Electrical: Circuits, Wiring, Relays, Switches" and under that "Lamp Failure: Bulb Out Relay." "[John Sargent] The solder joint on the board leading to contact 9 (brake light circuit) can fail; resolder this to repair it." The pin 9 referred to corresponds with my wiring diagram brake circuit but I don't know where pin 9 is?

Could it be so simple that the pins are numbered 1 through 13 clockwise or counter-clockwise?

Mine:4-940s running, 1-740, 2-940 parts, dtrs:3-940s running


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New Bulb Malfunction Indicator Pin Numbers (Bulb Out Relay) [900][1994]
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