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No power to both fuel pumps ??!!! 200 1989

Hi All-- Hope someone can shed light on this odd problem. '89 240, manual. Stumbled and died, could restart but got leaner and leaner, then no running, and no starting. There's no pre-pump sound to either pump when turning key to on (but not crank). The fuel pump relay clicks normally and works in a known running 240. I thought there was only the one relay that can fail, but when I compare the pre-crank on position in the working 240 there's an extra click sound somewhere in the dash, that's missing from the dead 240. But there is ignition lights, spark, etc. What the...?! is going on? Thanks in advance...



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New No power to both fuel pumps ??!!! [200][1989]
posted by  bthompso  on Fri Mar 9 15:39 CST 2018 >

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