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First-Time- Timing Belt- TDC/Distributor Misalignment? 200 1982

Hey all-

I'm going through my first timing belt/tensioner/water pump change ever on my 245 with LH1.0 (chrysler white cap) and came across a couple questions:

1. TDC location- It seems a bit tricky to really be sure where TDC is. I have all 3 points on the engine/rear cover aligned with the correct ticks on the cam/crank/aux shafts, the rotor is pointing to one...ish, and when I open the oil cap and shine a light at the first two valves, they are pointing in opposite directions- one is pointing at the drivers side and one at the passenger side. Can someone verify that I have TDC correct?

2. Turning-engine-on nervousness- I'm a bit nervous to turn the engine on as I could have done something wrong. Can I test things out for a few seconds with the alt/ac belt off? If I didn't do a very good timing belt job, what's the worst thing that could happen?

3. Distributor misalignment? Okay, I DID turn my engine on for about 3 seconds. It didn't sound horrible, but not as good as it did before (perhaps having the alt disconnected affects things?) , so I went back and checked my work, this time taking the dist. cap / impulse sensor plate off in hopes that there was a TICK mark on the distributor base similar to the bosch distributor. Of course there isn't, but it seems that the 'plug wire hole' on the dist cap makes a near perfect line with the bottom nut on the thermostat housing.

When I turn everything to TDC with all tick marks aligned, the rotor is pointing BEYOND the 1st spot on the distributor cap- it's pointing between 1 and 3, but if it was pointing at 1, it would be almost pointing exactly at the bottom nut on the thermostat housing. I also know that there is a 12 +/- 2 degree timing setting for this vehicle- I don't quite understand how that comes into play as I'm a first timer, but do I ignore everything, make sure the belt and ticks are at the right and deal with the timing (I'm assuming this means rotating the distributor) afterwards?

I snapped a few photos of the areas in question at this link:



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New First-Time- Timing Belt- TDC/Distributor Misalignment? [200][1982]
posted by  zeeko  on Thu Mar 1 15:54 CST 2018 >

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