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'72 164E diagnostic help 140-160

I'm hoping to get some feedback from those of you who are more knowledgeable than me. Car is running rough. Sputters at idle, but never quite dies. Loss of power when driving. Have replaced plugs, dizzy cap, rotor and fuel filter. Even did post mortem on filter to make sure it wasn't full of junk from my fuel tank, which it wasn't. Confirmed fuel pump is running smoothly and not leaking. Plug wires are fairly recent. Coolant temp sensor measures fine. Compression measured OK across all 6 cylinders. Used IR thermometer to measure temps on manifold right next to each injector, which I think has led me to the culprit. During warm up, when 5 of the cylinders were reaching 100 degrees, the 1st/front one was at 80. When the other 5 had reached 180 - 190, the front one was at 120. Pretty good indication that my #1 injector isn't working? Should I pull the plug wire for cylinder #1 to confirm that there's no change in how its running?

If I'm right, I believe you can't pull an individual injector to check it and that you have to pull the entire fuel rail and all 6 injectors to check any of them. Is that correct? Then to check them, just crank the engine with each injector suspended in a jar? When doing this, do I need to make sure I disconnect anything, such as a coil wire, or is this unnecessary?

Thanks for taking the time to read this and any advice is greatly appreciated!


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